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What is Hair League?

    Hair League is a subscription service that offers premium wigs, and beauty products, each month to our subscribers for $55 a month. The monthly cost includes shipping and handling. Also, 5% of each month's total proceeds are donated to charity. We choose a different charity every month, so if you have suggestion for a charity, please let us know.

How does it work?

    First you complete the questionnaire which allows us to create your account and make note of your preferences so we may curate the products you receive each month. After the first month's selection, we send you a monthly email with a list of premium wigs to choose from based on your style preferences. Once you inform us of your selection, we send you the wig along with 4 - 6 beauty products. The items we send can be both full sized and deluxe sample sized items. for just $55 + FREE SHIPPING. We do not currently ship outside of the US. 5% of all proceeds are donated to charity. Everything is curated specifically for your unique style and beauty needs.

I just signed up, when will I get my kit?

    Our kit is shipped out to our subscribers during the first two weeks of the month. If you sign up after the 15 of the current month, your first kit will ship the following month. The deadline to order is always the 15th of the previous month. For example, if you subscribe on October 16, you will receive the November kit. If you subscribe by October 15th, then you would receive the October kit within 1 week.

How do I update my shipping address/billing information?

    Simply send an email to contact@hairleague.com to let us know of any changes to your account.

How can I track my kit?

    You will be provided with tracking information once your monthly kit is shipped.

How do I report an issue with my service or kit?

    Please send an email to contact@hairleague.com. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours or less.

How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at anytime by sending an email to: contact@hairleague.com. If your final month's kit has already been sent or is en route at the time of your cancellation request, you will be charged for the final kit and then your account will be subsequently cancelled.

Will I be able to customize my beauty kit?

    Yes, the hair and beauty products provided in your kit are based on the information provided to us from the initial questionnaire at sign up. We may follow up in later month's to check if your preferences have change.