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MVP of the Month: Queendom Mindset!

My name is Teneshia Beatty aka Queendom Mindset, a Science Teacher with a love for everything wigs. I began my wig journey during my college years, transitioning to natural hair and needing a reliable and affordable protective style to wear daily. Wigs became a passion for me as I continued through graduation and into adulthood. Not only did wigs become an exciting hobby but it morphed into a way of life and outlet for my creativity. This wig passion led to my writing of my first book, "The Wig Game." Which tells of my wig journey through my first year of teaching and how that outlet brought happiness through some very tough times.

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Who will be, the next MVP?

Do you have what it takes to be our next MVP? We're looking for our most valuable players! Every month we'll showcase someone from the team who embodies, Hair League's mission to make whatever hair you wear beautiful and healthy. To enter to become an MVP, simply select a pic of yourself with your natural hair, or a wig you've received from us with the hashtag #hairleagueMVP. You can also nominate someone by sending us an email.

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